InnerSoul Sound Tables

Our original intention in the construction of our first sound table was to enhance the transformative and healing aspects of our personal sessions and for our own meditation practices. What we discovered was amazing. The InnerSoul Sound Tables places the physical body in a deep state of relaxation in minutes, allowing you to step out of the mind and enter the inner realms of meditation with ease. During personal sessions it allows the client to ‘let go’ of the daily stresses and allow the energy work to flow within them freely. It became evident quickly the benefits were more numerous then we first thought. Beyond the physical relaxation and quieting of ones mind it became apparent the table could be used for pain management, reducing muscle tension and other stress related conditions.

The true beauty of this vibroacoustic technology is the ease in using it. Simply play the music or frequencies of your choosing to direct a desired outcome and then lie back, close your eyes, take a couple of deep relaxing breathes and in 20 to 30 minutes you are transformed through effortless participation; the music and vibrations do all the work. Your results can include lowered blood pressure, increased circulation and deep states of relaxation providing a calmer more joyful outlook on life, as well as, a peaceful and energized You.

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Workshop Facilitators

Deborah & Stephen Deuel are Multi-dimensional Energy & Sound Practitioners who together combine over 30 years of experience in sound, energy work, vibroacoustic therapy and spiritual facilitation to present remarkable experiential workshops.

As a Spiritual Facilitator, Deborah draws on her conscious awareness and experiences of her multi-dimensional self. Deborah’s spiritual and metaphysical experiences trace back to early childhood. She has been consciously aware of her interaction with the Eternal Masters in the Inner Wisdom Temples since 1997 and has counseled many on becoming aware of their own multi-dimensional gifts and attributes. Deborah is also a writer and artist. She has written several articles on spiritual and life perspectives, much of which can be found on this website. Her artwork, mainly abstract in nature, presents a dynamic and fanciful use of color and symmetry and reflects her connection with Spirit.

Stephen is a Multi-dimensional Sound & Energy Practitioner who is consciously aware of his teaching and facilitating healing work beyond the physical realm. He now brings that awareness and knowledge forward into this realm through practical applications, as both Mystic and Minister, and he offers these powerful and transforming energy technologies through his personal sessions, workshops and lectures.

Stephen is the originator of the Vibrational Technologies™, Personal Ascension & Light Code Activation™ – a workshop that activates Personal Light Codes and Sacred Energetic Geometric Forms, Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks™ and Conscious Inner Travel™ Workshops. He is a leading authority in Vibroacoustic Technology and the designer and manufacturer of InnerSoul Sound Tables, Mats and Chairs™. More

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