It is All within You

What is Multi-Dimensional Energy?

By Deborah Kinnear Deuel

Inner Soulutions Inc. describes Multi-Dimensional Energy as a “heart centered” energy that has permeated the planet since the turn of the millennium. This energy seems to focus on the empowerment and awakening of humans and the activating of the 12-strand DNA. As facilitators of this energy, Stephen and I have all experienced an expansion in our awareness of ourselves as multi-dimensional beings, as well as a greater connection to our Higher Selves and Spirit.

This energy is available to anyone on the planet that is open to and ready to receive it. There are many expressions being utilized by various lightworkers and we see this as very exciting. We encourage the exploration into this wonderful energy through whatever means resonates with you. Inner Soulutions Inc. works with sound and energy (the essence of what we are) and the information transmitted to us from Spirit through our Higher Selves regarding the activation and constructing of etheric energy grids and merkaba around the body. These etheric grids facilitate connection to ones Higher Self.

There is also a correlation between this energy work and the balancing and rejuvenating of human biology. Since Inner Soulutions Inc. has only begun to work with this energy and information for a short time, we cannot state as to the direction or the total effects that can be experienced. Documentation of this research will continue to take place as the Institute is currently working with such things as chronic pain, muscle movement disorders such as Dystonia and the releasing of past fears and limiting self-beliefs.

To date we have found that the best source explaining this new information comes from Kryon and is found in a series of books by the same name. You can also check out their website at  This information helps facilitators understand and explain the changes that occur with the 12-strand DNA activation and the embracing of this energy. You can find this information at

Our hope is that you will find this newsletter interesting, helpful and thought provoking as we all are on this incredible journey together. At this time, Inner Soulutions Inc. is looking at publishing this newsletter twice a year with Fall and Spring editions. Enjoy!


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